Monday, January 14, 2013

Spring Fever!

photo courtesy of GMU Habitat

Think it's too early for Spring fever?  Don't tell that to the GMU Habitat for Humanity campus chapter!  They've been feverishly planning some wonderful events for their Spring semester!  Here are some details about what they will be up to:

*The GMU Habitat chapter will be holding four interest meetings on campus to engage new members and tell them about Habitat's work!

*GMU has two groups participating in the Collegiate Challenge this year; one group will be going to Michigan and the other to Mississippi.  They will have a weekly kiosk on campus and will be holding "percent nights" at local restaurants to raise funds for the trip.
*At the end of March, the GMU Habitat chapter will be participating in Shack-a-Thon, in which they partner with Greek Life to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity NoVa while also collecting food for a local food pantry.  The shacks are built by different campus clubs and remain in the center of campus for three days in order to draw attention to poverty housing.  Check out this cool video highlighting Shack-a-Thon 2009!

*Last year, the GMU Habitat chapter organized a Nat Bresler Benefit 5k but will be mixing it up this year and holding a benefit concert!  They are looking into having local bands come and show their skills and are hoping to have a very special guest of honor (stay tuned for details!).

Habitat NoVa would like to thank the GMU Habitat for Humanity campus chapter for all of their wonderful work!  We appreciate you so much!

 Feeling inspired to start a Habitat club in your school?  Contact Jessica Sweeney at to find out how! 

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